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About Audio Support

Audio Support is a small company based in London, UK that provides expert services in Music Technology. It is owned and operated by Paul Andrews.

History of the Company

Audio Support was founded in 2005 by Paul Andrews and Julian Oliver. 

Paul and Julian met whilst studying for degrees in Music Technology at The University of West London between 2002 and 2005. After they finished their degrees, Paul and Julian started their own company, Audio Support, offering tuition and technical support services for Music Technology software and hardware.

They started with simple adverts in Sound on Sound and Computer Music magazines and quickly found clients around the London area who needed their services. Clients would typically book them for one-to-one training sessions on using Logic, Pro Tools and Cubase or ask them to visit when they had specific problems with their studio equipment that required expert help.

In 2006, they started advertising online and the number of clients grew. They started employing other freelance technicians to help them.

In 2008 Julian left the company to start his own business selling equipment. Paul and Julian remain friends.

Since then, Paul has run the company on his own, sharing work with a few trusted freelancers when things get busy.

In recent years, Paul has moved away from home and studio visits to mainly remote support services.

Paul’s Mission Statement for Audio Support

Paul Andrews of Audio Support

Small business built on reputation

I run Audio Support as a small business from my home in South London, UK. I work one-to-one with my clients and treat every system and situation as unique. Every job I take on, I am looking to solve my client’s problems, deliver excellent customer service, ensure repeat business and pick up another 5-star review.

Offering a personable service

As well as running Audio Support, I’ve worked for 17 years running music projects for children with Special Educational Needs. To do that role you need patience, respect, a calm manner and the ability to get on well with new people. I also use these soft skills with my technical support work. If you’re worried about speaking with a new person, then check out my reviews and I hope you’ll see that I’m an easy guy to get along with.

Experienced and holistic viewpoint

My 20+ years experience as a sound engineer, teacher and troubleshooter using multiple DAWs and audio systems allow me to see the bigger picture outside of individual software manufacturer’s products when looking at a problem. I have been inside hundreds of recording studios (in-person and remotely), diagnosed and solved thousands of problems.


When doing any work on a client’s computer, I’m happy to explain what I’m doing and I’m comfortable teaching people anything to do with troubleshooting or using studio technology in general. Many times over the years I have met clients through my troubleshooting work and have gone on to do teaching sessions with them. I can help with music production, mixing and mastering and other technical work such as setting up a YouTube channel or voice-over show reel.

Upgrading Policy

Contact Apple, Steinberg or Avid’s Support teams and they will likely tell you to upgrade everything to the latest versions as one of their first recommended troubleshooting steps. This is potentially a solution, but is rarely the first one I recommend before gathering more information. Often upgrading can do more harm than good and operating system updates can be a very difficult process to reverse. This is especially true if you have an Intel (pre-2021) Mac. I’ve written an article about it here.