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How Our Service Works

Audio Support is a small company based in London, UK which offers independant expert help for music technology products. Technicans are available for lessons and technical support either remotely or on-site.

Remote Technical Support

The most common service we provide are one-hour troubleshooting sessions for Digital Audio Workstation software such as Logic Pro, Cubase and Pro Tools.

What to Expect

This is the process you should expect when making a remote technical support booking:

  • Client makes an enquiry by email or whatsapp
  • Audio Support replies and confirms if we can help
  • A date and time is arranged
  • Client pays for the session
  • At the agreed time the technician connects with the client via voice call and remote desktop
  • Technician helps client solve the problem
  • Email contact after the session to confirm everything is resolved

The process for making a remote troubleshooting appointment is explained in more detail in this guide for new clients.


Our standard rate for an hour of remote support is

  • £60 (UK)
  • $75 (USD)
  • €70 (EURO)


For answers to common questions about our remote support service such as ‘what happens if you solve my problem in less than an hour?‘ or ‘what if you can’t solve my problem?‘ please visit our FAQ page.

Job Reports

To see examples of the sorts of problems we encounter and how we solve them, please browse our job reports archive.

Get in Touch

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