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The remote desktop software I use that allows us to make a connection between our two computers is called AnyDesk. To prepare for our session, I’ll need you to download and install a small app on your computer.

For Windows:

For Mac:

Once you’ve installed and opened AnyDesk on your computer, you will find a nine digit ‘This Desk’ number on the screen. This is the number you will read out to me on the phone.

On a Mac, the first time you try to open AnyDesk, you will get an error message that looks like this:


Here’s instructions on how to solve that:

Talk Talk
The internet provider Talk Talk has blocked all remote desktop software from being used on their network. This is to protect their users from scammers. Unfortunately, it also blocks legitimate businesses like mine.

Here’s how to turn that feature on and off in your Talk Talk account:

  • Log into MyAccount
  • Select My Services
  • Select View HomeSafe settings
  • Select OFF and confirm when you see the pop-up window