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Anatares Autotune Licensing Problem in Pro Tools- Solved

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Hi Audio Support. Can you help me? I can’t open my Antares Autotune plugins. They show as Not Licensed when I try and open them in Pro Tools even though I have an Unlimited Subscription. – H

Paul from Audio Support explains how he solved the problem

I received the above message from H and we arranged a time to connect via Google Meet and Anydesk. Once I was inside H’s Mac she opened her copy of Pro Tools and showed me the problem.

All H’s Antares Unlimited plugins were showing the same message:

Clicking the button to re-check for a license did nothing.

This problem took a while to solve. Here’s a breakdown of the steps I went through in my first session with H:

  • Looked at which versions of Antares Central and Auto Tune Central were installed on H’s Mac. Various tests to see if the versions were conflicting by uninstalling and reinstalling.
  • Researched online to find out if other users we were having similar problems. They were, but no one could point to a clear solution.
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled all Antares plugins via Auto Tune Central.
  • Manually searched through the Mac’s library and preference files to try to do a full uninstall of all Antares software on H’s Mac.
  • Reinstalled. No difference.
  • Checked whether opening Pro Tools in Rosetta mode affected anything
  • Tested whether removing Pro Tools’ preferences affected anything
  • Went to the legacy downloads of the Antares site and tried installing different versions of Antares plugins.
  • Found a forum post mentioning iLok causing conflicts with Antares licensing software. Tested iLok software was working and connecting to licensing servers. Updated iLok License Manager.
  • Found a forum post pointing to a small app called Antares License Cleaner. Downloaded and ran but made no difference.
  • Double-checked every troubleshooting step listed on the Antares site to make sure I hadn’t missed anything.
  • Read through as many forum posts as I could find to see if anyone else had encountered and solved this problem.

At this point, we had spent about 2.5 hours on the problem. The Antares website gave no more troubleshooting ideas apart from contacting Antares’ support.

I typed out a detailed email to Antares (including screenshots) listing all the steps we had tried so far. Since H was the actual Antares customer, I submitted using her name and email.

I told H to let me know what Antares’ reply was and we ended the support session after 3 hours.

Day 2

I received a message from H that Antares had replied with instructions on what to do. I wasn’t able to schedule time with H that day, but she tried the steps herself and happily reported they worked!

CodeMeter turned out to be the issue. CodeMeter licensing software is a hidden element of the Antares/Auto Tune Central and somehow it was corrupted on H’s Mac.

Here are the instructions from Antares:

H followed the instructions and emailed me that the problem was now resolved. All Antares plugins are now opening correctly within Pro Tools.

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