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Cubase in Schools and Colleges

Paul Andrews of Audio Support is a UK-based music technology expert who specialises in supporting schools and colleges with Cubase installation problems.

Common Problems

  • No sound from Cubase
  • Keyboards losing connection with Cubase
  • Cubase taking a very long time to close
  • Plugins disappearing from Cubase
  • Cubase not loading files
  • Cubase not allowing new recordings to be made

The majority of these issues are to do with the way Cubase installs on a network and the way Cubase expects its default file structure to be laid out on the computer.

Every school network is different and the solutions to these issues will vary. In a one day visit to your school Paul can look at your system, explain what has worked in other schools and work with the your IT team to create a custom solution that works for you.

Someone from the your IT team will need to be available to work closely with Paul for the visit. From past experience, we estimate that installation issues can usually be resolved within a day.

For more information or to book a visit email or request a call back.


We had been struggling to run Cubase on networked machines. The school’s IT support is excellent but they didn’t have the specialist knowledge or experience for dealing with music software. Paul from Audio Support bridged the gap between IT and music tech perfectly and quickly got our studio to a state which satisfied the school’s safeguarding and security policies whilst leaving the computers working faster and more efficiently than ever. There really is no substitute for someone who knows all the quirks of music software in the context of larger IT systems. Matthew Talks, Chesham Grammer School, Buckinghamshire

Paul spent a day with one of our IT engineers trying to resolve why our Pro tools suite was failing to deliver a reliable teaching environment. It was a productive day and left us with a method that we could follow to reload and configure the rest of the suite. The most important and effective element was giving my IT engineer the knowledge to bridge the skills gap between the teaching staff and the IT department. The suite has been successfully used this term and I will be using Audio Support in the future for any new projects. Stuart Cook, Head of IT, Tring Park School