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Cubase Lessons

Cubase is a powerful Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) that allows users to record, create and edit music and other audio. It has a huge range of features and options, but this can make it daunting to new users.

We have prepared a set of short one-to-one lessons designed for someone just getting started with Cubase. You will connect remotely with an experienced specialist teacher based in the UK, who will spend half-a-day (2.5 hours) guiding you through your first steps towards mastery of the program.

One-to-one Cubase lessons available

What do I need to for these lessons?

To take part in a remote lesson, you will need

  • A Mac or PC
  • A copy of Cubase* installed
  • A microphone and audio interface for the recording lessons
  • AnyDesk remote software installed (free)
  • An internet connection
  • A phone or tablet to speak with your tutor. This will need to be separate to your Cubase system.

*Cubase comes in three versions, Pro, Artist and Free. Any version can be used for these lessons. If you need help with any aspects of purchasing and installing Cubase we also provide expert remote support.

Your Teacher

There are many written guides and videos available online on how to use Cubase however these lessons are ideal for someone who prefers to learn with direct interaction with an expert teacher.

Your teacher will be in touch with you by email before the lesson.

All Cubase lessons are currently delivered by our Cubase Specialist, Paul Andrews.

Get in Touch

To make a booking or ask a question about our service, please use our enquiry form: