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Podcasting Support London

Paul Andrews, Logic Pro expert in studio drinking tea with clinet

Hi I’m Paul from Audio Support, I’m based in London, UK and I help people with recording studio technology.

If you are having problems with any aspect of your podcasting setup and you want expert help get in touch.

On Site Podcasting Support London – £250 per visit

As an example of the sort of work I do here’s a description of a recent visit to the Quran Institute, a religious teaching organisation in East London to help them configure their new podcasting studio

We unpacked all the equipment and tested the microphones and RodecasterPro audio interface to make sure everything was working. We set up the desk mic stands

We connected the cameras to their Mac

We setup a Streamyard account for the Institute

We created a few short private test videos to make sure everything was working. I showed my client how to launch the software for himself, how to name and save the files.

We tested the cameras and mics. I configured the Rodecaster to the best settings for their setup and showed my client how to adjust levels. I showed my client how to use functions of Streamyard such as including remote interview guests in their podcast.

We moved the tables around and set up the cameras to get the setup looking nicer for the videos.

We filmed a short podcast example.