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Remote Hardware Diagnosis

Before you send your music equipment to one of our workshops we recommend a 30 minute video call with an Audio Support technician via Zoom or Whatsapp. 

You will have a conversation with an experienced music technology expert who will make sure there are no solutions to your equipment problem that can’t be resolved without it leaving your studio.

Often problems synths, samplers, drum machines, mixers or effects boxes do not require a trip to a workshop. An experienced technicians might be able to remotely talk you through the steps you need to take yourself to get your synth back up and running.

For example issues with power supplies, firmware resets, MIDI and audio configuration, system settings, sockets and cabling are issues which could potentially be solved remotely during a conversation with a technician. They can double check anything you might

If your equipment does require a trip to the workshop we can also use this time to prepare for the visit and order components in advance. Your technician can also give you an idea of the time and cost involved in a repair.

Cost is £30 for a 30 minute call.

To make a booking please visit our guide here: