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Roland Hardware Support

Roland repair and servicing for London and surrounding areas in the UK.

Roland Corporation have made some of the most iconic synthesisers and drum machines in the world. Their products have defined the sound of popular electronic music over the last 40 years. If you have an item of Roland gear that won’t turn on, has no sound, has preset problems, damaged keys or any other issue then Audio Support can help.

Audio Support is a small company that offers technical support services for music equipment and software. We are not associated with Roland or any other music technology manufacturer.

Example services:

£40 – A 30-minute screen-share and conversation with one of our music technology experts.

In a 30-minute phone or video call, our expert will be able to diagnose your equipment’s problem and either talk you through how to solve that problem remotely or tell you the next steps to a solution. 

Often the issues we see are not ones which require a visit to our workshop. Many issues can be resolved by making sure that the right cables are connected to the right sockets and all the user-configurable settings are correct. We can find online copies of manuals and read through them for you to find solutions. Sometimes issues can be caused by how your gear is interacting with other equipment in your studio.

If the equipment does require servicing by a technician, we can arrange that during the call.

To make an appointment for a remote support session with a technician please get in touch using our enquiry form.

£200 – Synthesiser Capacitor replacement at our workshop

If you have equipment that is over 20 years old, turns on correctly but has no sound, intermittent or distorted sound then the likely problem is that the capacitors have failed and need to be replaced.  Here’s an example of how we fixed that problem on a Roland JP-8000.

No Audio on a Roland JP-8000 – Replacing the Capacitors

£50 – Internal battery replacement at our workshop

If you have a device that won’t save presets or loads with a message saying ‘no data’ or ‘battery error’ then the small CMOS battery that stores information while the unit is off has died and needs to be replaced. This is a very straightforward job for a technician.

£70 per hour – Circuit board repair at our workshop

Circuit board repair is a much more complex job than component replacement. It requires highly specialised technical knowledge and equipment. Here’s how we resolved the issue of liquid spillage causing damage to a Roland JP-8000.

Repairing Liquid Damage on a Roland JP-8000

Getting items to us

Our main workshop is in Tottenham, North London and we have a smaller workshop in Bromley, South London. Please get in touch by messenger, phone or email to arrange drop-off of your equipment to our workshop. 

We also offer a premium service to collect, repair and deliver your equipment back to you as soon as possible. We can also prioritise repairs to guarantee a quick turnaround. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

You can also send equipment to us by post, delivery service or private courier but insurance for valuable items is to be arranged by the client.

Examples of Roland Equipment that we deal with


  • JP-8000
  • Juno 106

Effects Boxes

  • Boss SE-70
  • Boss SE-50