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Cubase 13 Pro Licensing Problem – Solved

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At Audio Support we often help our clients with licensing errors. In this particular case the problem was not a technical one but human error. Paul explains how he found the mistake and helped his client correct it in this job report.

Audio Support Job Report

Connected with a client who has used my service before and who needed help with an issue regarding his new Cubase 13 Pro licence.

My client owned a copy of Cubase Pro 12 and had bought the upgrade to Cubase Pro 13 via the Steinberg website. He had received an email confirmation of his purchase and a download code for the Steinberg Download Manager. He entered his code into the Download Manager and downloaded Cubase Pro 13 and all its additional content onto his computer. However, when he tried to launch Cubase 13 his received the error message ‘No Licence Found’. Not sure of what was happening, he contacted Audio Support.

Once we were speaking on the phone and connected via Anydesk I opened up his Steinberg Activation Manager software and confirmed there was no licence for Cubase 13 inside. I helped my client log in to his Steinberg account online and could see there was no licence listed there either. My client and I then checked his purchase email and discovered the problem. My client had made an error with his purchase. Rather than buy the Cubase Pro 12 to Cubase Pro 13 upgrade he had bought the Cubase 13 Artist to Cubase 13 Pro upgrade.

An easy mistake to make. I helped my client log into the Support section of the Steinberg website and wrote out a support ticket from my client to Steinberg requesting a refund. I showed my client the correct upgrade he should have purchased and we bookmarked the link so he could make the purchase again once the refund came through.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t resolve the situation for the client during the session since I don’t have access to Steinberg’s licensing system. However, my client was happy to have the issue identified and the path to a solution put in place.

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I’m the owner and lead technician for Audio Support, a small company based in London, UK that connects remotely with clients worldwide to help them with their music technology issues. I’ve run Audio Support since 2005 and in that time I’ve seen and solved thousands of recording studio problems. 

Outside of Audio Support, I run music workshops at a local school, play bass in a 90s tribute function band and perform modular synth jams with friends on Twitch.

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