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Restoring slowed down audio regions in Logic Pro

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Spoke to a client in California who was recording audio in Logic and having problems with audio regions changing tempo. He had used Logic’s Bounce-in-Place function but had found the audio regions were now missing some of the tails of the notes. He was using the bounce in place feature as a workaround to solve another problem he was experiencing with audio regions changing tempos.

I showed my client how to access Logic’s Project Browser using the icons in the top-right corner of Logic Arrange Window. Once there we could look at the names of the audio regions used in the project and find the original files that had been replaced by the Bounce in Place versions. We were able to recover the orginal files of his recordings and create new audio tracks with the audio files as they were when first recorded.

The problem with the tempo changing audio regions was Logic’s Smart Tempo feature being activated on tracks where there was a mismatch in tempo information between the audio region and Logic’s main tempo. Deactivating the Smart tempo option within the Audio Editor window solved the problem. More info on Logic’s Smart Tempo feature here:

At the end of the session the client was kind enough to write me a nice review of my service:

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