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Cubase Artist 11 Not Opening on Windows PC – Solved

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Hi Paul, I’ve been having issues with my Cubase. My software license is refusing to read itself all of a sudden. Can you help me please? – Robbie

I recieved the above message from Robbie and we exchanged a few emails to confirm the problems and a time to connect.

This is a breakdown of our remote support session and how I sorted the problem:

  • E-Licenser Control Centre failed to run maintenance tasks.
  • Restarted PC
  • Downloaded latest Elicenser Control Centre
  • Installed as Administrator
  • E-licenser ran maintainance tasks
  • USB E-licenser still not showing in ECC
  • Client pulled USB stick in and out of USB socket
  • USB Licenser now showing
  • Opened Cubase
  • Cubase not opening
  • Ran Cubase as Administrator
  • Cubase now opening
  • Checked client could open project files.
  • Checked client happy and everything now working.

At the end of our remote tech support session Robbie was happy that his Cubase was now back up and running. He very kindly took the time to write me a nice review: