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Native Instruments Support

Native Instruments are one of the leading manufacturers of virtual audio instruments and effects. Their software can run on both PC and Mac and is commonly used alongside other Digital Audio Workstation software such as Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools and Ableton.

Audio Support is a third-party technical support service, independent of Native Instruments or any other software manufacturer, that provides remote support when problems occur with any music technology equipment or software. Audio Support is led by Paul Andrews, an expert on Native Instruments software and hardware with over 20 years experience as a sound engineer, teacher and professional troubleshooter. Paul is based in London, UK.

See below for more details on how Paul and his team remotely support users of Native Instruments software anywhere in the world.

NI Installation Errors

Native Instruments plugins can only be installed using the company’s Native Access download manager and installer application. Unfortunately, this application doesn’t always provide a smooth installation experience. Paul and his team at Audio Support can work out the reasons for errors and installation failures and resolve them in a remote support session.  

NI Kontakt Sample Library Management

Native Access’ default installation location for its large Kontakt sample libraries is not optimal. To ensure better performance from their music system, many people move their NI libraries off their system disks and onto dedicated SSD disks. This process can sometimes throw up errors. Helping clients fix broken Kontakt libraries is a common request for Audio Support.

NI Plug-ins in DAWs

Sometimes Native Instrument plugins can fail to show properly in your DAW. There are various reasons this can occur, but the main two culprits are VST/AU paths and incompatible plugin versions. Both are things we can help you resolve in a remote technical support session.

Native Instruments Maschine

Maschine is a complicated DAW/plugin/plugin host that interacts with other NI plugins on your system. Sometimes the links between Maschine and other plugins can be broken and error messages are shown. Sometimes Maschine controller hardware has problems connecting to your Mac or PC.

RECENT JOBS solving Native instruments Maschine Problems

Native Instruments Kontakt

Native Instruments’ Kontakt software is the industry standard format for third-party sample libraries. Kontakt’s stability has improved in recent years, but errors still often occur. When Kontakt is used in a DAW (such as Logic Pro X) this means that there are 3 different software products from 3 different companies interacting with each other at once: the sample library creator, Native Instruments and Logic Pro (Apple).

In this example the problem initially seemed to be an issue with Kontakt or possibly the sample library but was nothing to do with either. It was actually caused by how Logic Pro assigns MIDI channels when importing song files.

Native Instruments Komplete

NI Komplete is another plugin/plugin host that often throws out error messages. Usually the solution to Komplete errors involves re-indexing its database.

    NI Hardware

    We can help clients work out the reasons for NI hardware not connecting to music systems.