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LED Meters Not Working on a Soundcraft TS24 Mixing Console – Repaired

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Hi Paul. The LED Meters on the TS24 desk are not working. Could you help please?

Aaron Harry, Basstone Studios, London

I received the above message from Aaron on Wednesday 8th May 2024 and we arranged an on-site support visit for the following Monday. I have worked for Aaron at Basstone for a number of years, usually helping to manage the software on his studio Mac and dealing with issues routing signal around the studio.

I knew this desk well and knew that the likely cause was going to be a hardware issue outside my comfort zone, so I booked electronics specialist Matt Intelekt of to take the lead on this job.

Once again, Matt worked his magic and was able to identify and resolve the problems on-site and in a single day.

Matt checking over the inside of the meter bridge for faults.

Blown capacitors within the TS24’s power supply unit turned out to be the problem.

Matt disassembled the power supply and replaced the damaged capacitors.

Matt even had time to fix a small issue with a malfunctioning pan pot on one of the desk channels. After a single 6hr visit from Matt, the desk was fully working again and studio owner Aaron was delighted.

If you need an electronic music equipment specialist in the London or wider UK area, I cannot recommend the services of Matt Intelekt highly enough. You can contact him via his website.

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