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Remotely Configuring Cubase and Windows Audio

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Hi Paul. When Cubase is active if I plug headphones into my tower’s stereo socket it cuts out all sound. Although I am getting a sound reading from my Cubase meter I just cannot hear it. Everything works well when Cubase is not activated and I can hear the stereo perfectly well when listening to Youtube. Can you help?


I received the above enquiry from Alan and we arranged an hour’s remote support session for the next day.

From Alan’s initial enquiry, I had a good idea of what the problem was. This is how we spent the hour’s session:

  • Established our remote connection using AnyDesk
  • Checked over Alan’s system to make sure everything was installed correctly
  • Showed Alan how to find Cubase’s Device Setup and Audio Connections menus
  • Configured the menus with the right settings for Alan’s system. I recommended Alan only use his Mackie 2.2 interface when working with Cubase to avoid having to do a lot of settings changes in the menus when switching devices.
  • Explained how Cubase and YouTube audio are handled differently by Windows
  • Showed Alan how to switch the audio output of Windows between his Mackie Producer interface and PC tower’s headphones socket using the volume icon in the Windows taskbar.
  • Typed out an instruction document with screenshots that Alan could follow to make changes in his system for himself in the future.
  • Checked that Alan was okay with the instructions and was able to follow them on his own. Tweaked the document to clarify some steps.

After the hour’s session, Alan was kind enough to send me a nice review to post here:

Paul was absolutely sensational, and immediately put an old Rock and Roller, reel to reel man like me at ease. Being a Cubase Pro 13 beginner, I was indeed having some serious monitoring issues which I must admit was a becoming great worry. He sorted this out in a fast, expert way by remote access, and explained how to manage these and other Cubase issues if they arise in the future. Many thanks to you, Paul, and I now know you are there if I have any other Cubase problems. 11 out of 10. Alan.

Thanks Alan! Happy to help.

Paul Andrews – Audio Support

About the Author


I’m the owner and lead technician for Audio Support, a small company based in London, UK that connects remotely with clients worldwide to help them with their music technology issues. I’ve run Audio Support since 2005 and in that time I’ve seen and solved thousands of recording studio problems. 

Outside of Audio Support, I run music workshops at a local school, play bass in a 90s tribute function band and perform modular synth jams with friends on Twitch.

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