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No Sound in Cubase

Remote Assistance From Specialist Technicians

Common Cubase Problems: No Sound in Cubase

Cubase No Sound -Error message - No audio device

Cubase is a pro-audio application and has a complicated audio playback system to enable all of its features. However, this often means it doesn’t work with your PC or Mac without further configuration after installing.

In a one-hour remote support session, we can make the settings changes in Cubase to work correctly with your computer system. As part of that session, we can teach you how Cubase’s audio system works to enable you to manage it for yourself in the future.

Audio Support is a small company based in the UK which provides remote technical support services to music technology users worldwide.

Find out more about our remote troubleshooting service

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How Our Service Works

This is the process you should expect when making a booking for remote technical support:
  • Client makes an enquiry by email or WhatsApp.
  • Audio Support will reply and confirm if we can help.
  • A date and time for the remote support session is arranged.
  • Client makes payment for the first hour of support via PayPal.
  • At the agreed date and time, Audio Support technician connects with the client via voice call and remote desktop.
  • Technician helps the client solve the problem.
  • Email contact after the session to confirm everything is resolved.

The process for making a remote troubleshooting appointment is explained in more detail in this guide for new clients.


Our standard rate for an hour of remote support is

  • £60 (UK)
  • $75 (USD)
  • €70 (EURO)


For answers to common questions about our remote support service such as ‘what happens if you solve my problem in less than an hour?‘ or ‘what if you can’t solve my problem?‘ please visit our FAQ page.

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Audio Support
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stuart campbell
stuart campbell
12:09 10 Apr 24
Had a problem with cubase freezing when launchkey mini was connected,Paul fixed it no problem in a very patient and pleasant way despite my stupidity .Will need him again probably. Thanks Paul.
James “Jimbo” Baring
James “Jimbo” Baring
19:14 19 Mar 24
I have been using Paul for several years now and he ALWAYS sorts my issues out. Prompt, Reliable and Friendly. What more could anyone ask for. Highly Recommended.
Charles Linley
Charles Linley
17:40 12 Mar 24
Audio Support solved every issue I had and found a time to help me extremely quickly, at very short notice. Paul was incredibly nice and it couldn’t have been a more helpful quick and thorough experience. It was exactly what I needed. Very relieved to have everything back running well again!
Alan Harris
Alan Harris
12:04 01 Mar 24
Paul sorted my Yamaha MX88 connecting to Cubase. All MIDI now working perfectly. Life saver. Great work. Thanks.
Steve Dann
Steve Dann
17:01 27 Feb 24
Paul from Audio Support was extremely helpful and supportive in solving a problem we were having with exporting individual stem tracks from Cubase. He was able to resolve the issue remotely, whilst providing some really helpful tips to enable us to problem solve any similar issues we may have in the future. I would have no hesitation in using Audio Support again.
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