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Setting Up External Hardware with Cubase

Remote Assistance From Specialist Technicians

Common Cubase Problems: Setting up External Hardware

Setting up external hardware with Cubase

Using external hardware such as synths, outboard effects and a mixer can make your music productions sound great, but they can add a lot of complexity to your system. If you are having any problems setting up your gear then a remote support session with an Audio Support technician can help you get it working.

You and your technician will speak on the phone and use remote desktop software to view your screen. To help with external hardware outside of your Mac or PC, we can use video chat, or we can find images of the equipment on Google.

We can download the product manuals and then talk you through which buttons to press to navigate the hardware menus. We can guide you on where to physically connect audio, MIDI and USB cables.

Audio Support is a small company which provides remote technical support services to music technology users worldwide.

Find out more about our remote troubleshooting service

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How Our Service Works

This is the process you should expect when making a booking for remote technical support:
  • Client makes an enquiry by email or WhatsApp.
  • Audio Support will reply and confirm if we can help.
  • A date and time for the remote support session is arranged.
  • Client makes payment for the first hour of support via PayPal.
  • At the agreed date and time, Audio Support technician connects with the client via voice call and remote desktop.
  • Technician helps the client solve the problem.
  • Email contact after the session to confirm everything is resolved.

The process for making a remote troubleshooting appointment is explained in more detail in this guide for new clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by Paul Andrews, Head Technician, Audio Support

How much do you charge?

I sell my time in blocks of an hour. My standard rate for a one-hour troubleshooting call is £60. (GBP)

For international clients £60 is around:

  • £60 (UK)
  • $75 (USD)
  • €70 (EURO)

For on-site support please email me with your requirements.

How do you connect to my computer?

My preferred remote desktop software is Anydesk. More info about Anydesk here.

Can I book a session for less time than an hour?

One-hour bookings as a minimum, sorry.

I’ve been doing technical support for music equipment as a job for nearly 20 years and have tried various methods of pricing my services.

Since I’ve switched to mainly remote support sessions online I’ve found that pre-arranged one-hour bookings is the most effective format in terms of offering a fair value service to my clients and allowing me to keep the business sustainable.

What if you solve my problem in less than an hour?

When you book me for an hour then I block that whole hour in my diary to work for you. With troubleshooting work it’s almost impossible to know how long a solution will take to find. If I can resolve your immediate problems quickly then we can use the rest of the hour to look at other errors, optimise your music system or have a conversation on how you can develop your music. I can show you what caused the problem in your system and teach you how to solve it for yourself in the future.

Once you’ve made a booking and we speak on the phone hopefully you’ll see that my specialism is not just solving technical problems but being a patient, friendly guy who cares about taking time to help his clients get the best out of their music systems.

What if you can’t solve my problem in an hour?

This is a reasonable question when you book someone to take on troubleshooting work and the solution is unknown to either party.

The answer will vary depending on the situation but my guarantee is that by the end of your Audio Support booking you will either have the problem solved or have a road-map to the solution.

For example:

  • If an item needs replacing (eg a broken cable) I will help you find the right one to order online
  • If it’s a hardware failure that needs a workshop visit I will help you arrange that
  • If emails need to be written to a company’s support team I will help you write them in the correct technical language
  • If another Audio Support session is required, I will be able to give you a quote for the steps that need to be taken and how much that will cost
Can you come to my home/studio?

If your home/studio is in London or pretty much anywhere in the UK then no problem. Just email me with your requirements and we’ll work something out.

When are you available?

I keep my free/busy calendar online. Please have a look here to get an idea of my availability on a certain day.

My normal working hours are 10am to 7pm weekdays. My preferred time for remote bookings are at the start or end of the working day. My preferred time for on site visits in London are 10.30am start on weekdays.

I can accommodate other times on request.

I’ve made a guide for clients that explains my booking process for remote sessions.

I’m an IT Network manager trying to install Cubase on a School network. Can you help?

Yes. I’ve written a page about this here.

Can you help with something not listed on the services on your site?

As long as its to do with music technology I probably can. Send me a message and I’ll let you know.

I’m not in the UK. Can you still help me?

Yes. I’ve made a page with information for international clients.

English is the language for support sessions.

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