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Pro Tools Crashing on Load

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Connected with a composer client in Sussex, England who was having problems with his Pro Tools session files crashing when opening on his M1 Mac. The projects would open but then the program would freeze and need to be force-quit. This seemed to be at the stage where Pro Tools was searching for missing audio files.

I started by testing out different variables to see what would have an effect. I knew Pro Tools and certain plugins are still in the relatively early stages of compatibility with M1 Macs so I tested out Rosetta mode to see if it would make a difference. Furthermore, I removed all the 3rd party plugins from Pro Tools, but the crash was still occurring.

I looked at the file paths on my client’s system and spotted he was using OneDrive as the location for running his Pro Tools sessions. I could see from the icons in OSX finder that OneDrive had moved some of his audio files into the Cloud and off his Mac. We set the files downloading back to the Mac and moved the session on to an area of his User folder not managed by OneDrive.

The Pro Tools file now opened without error. I restored the plugins and turned off Rosetta mode and Pro Tools continued to run fine. 

I recommended to my client that he no longer runs work-in-progress Pro Tools sessions from the OneDrive, but just to use it for backup and for sharing.

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I’m the owner and lead technician for Audio Support, a small company based in London, UK that connects remotely with clients worldwide to help them with their music technology issues. I’ve run Audio Support since 2005 and in that time I’ve seen and solved thousands of recording studio problems. 

Outside of Audio Support, I run music workshops at a local school, play bass in a 90s tribute function band and perform modular synth jams with friends on Twitch.

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