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More Logic Problems

More Logic Problems

Logic Pro Crashes

Crashes in Logic Pro can occur for many reasons. We find plugins, audio interfaces and file path errors are the usual cause of crashes.

Find out more.

Logic Pro Plugins

Plugins are the most common cause of crashes and error messages in Logic.

Find out more.

Logic Pro Audio Interfaces

Sample rate errors and glitchy playback are usually resolved by looking at your audio interface.

Find out more.

Connecting External Hardware with Logic Pro

We have extensive experience installing, configuring and troubleshooting other studio equipment such as synthesizers, effects boxes and mixers to run smoothly with Logic. Find out more.

Logic Pro's control Surface setup window

If your control surface isn’t behaving correctly, this is usually down to configuration in Logic’s Control Surface Setup or other MIDI in your system.  Find out more.

Logic Pro Sample Library Management

We can help free up space and improve performance on your Mac by moving your large sample libraries to external hard drives and then configuring your sampler plugins to recognise the new library locations. Find out more.

Logic Pro Files Not Found

We can restore Logic projects which are opening with missing file errors. Find out more.

Logic Pro System migration

Apple’s migration assistant is great for moving your user data to a new Mac, but often does not work well with pro-level music software and plugins. Find out more.

Macs and MIDI Routing

Logic Pro has very powerful MIDI routing and processing capabilities, which can cause problems when they are misconfigured. Find out more.

Noisy Fans on MacBooks

This is a common problem on Intel (2021 and earlier) MacBooks. The causes of the fan noises can vary, but there are steps we can take to reduce the noise.