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More Cubase Problems

More Cubase Problems

Plugins problems in Cubase

Cubase Plugin Not Showing VST Sound Error

There are all sorts of reasons why plugins might fail to install or not be found in Cubase.

Find out more.

Setting Up External Hardware

Using external hardware such as synths, outboard effects and a mixer can make your music productions sound great, but they can add a lot of complexity to your system.

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Glitchy sound in Cubase

Cubase VST performance indicator overloaded

Sample rate errors and glitchy playback are usually resolved by looking at your audio interface.

Find out more.

Moving Cubase to a new PC or Mac is a process that can throw up all sorts of errors. We can help you navigate this process and rebuild your music system to ensure your existing music projects load on your new computer.  Find out more.

Missing file errors in Cubase

Cubase missing file error in Kontakt

Missing file errors are a common problem. When you record audio or use loops in a Cubase project, audio files are created that need to be saved in particular folders. Find out more.

Licensing issues for Cubase

We can help you resolve any difficulties you might be having with your Cubase licence using the Steinberg Activation Manager. Find out more.

Delayed sound in Cubase

Cubase delayed sound MIDI port setup

If you press a key on your MIDI keyboard and there is a delay in hearing a note being played by Cubase then we frequently need to change the latency settings of your audio interface. Find out more.

Configuring control surfaces in Cubase

Cubase configuring control surfaces - MIDI Remote Manager

If your control surface isn’t behaving correctly, this is usually down to configuration in Cubase’s Device Setup or other MIDI configuration in your system. Find out more.

Managing a sample library in Cubase

Managing a sample library in Cubase

We can help free up space and improve performance on your Mac or PC by moving your large sample libraries to external hard drives and then configuring your sampler plugins to recognise the new library locations. Find out more.

Cubase on school networks

Cubase on a school network no valid license found

Installing and troubleshooting Cubase on school and college networks is a uniquely difficult challenge. Paul has written a specific page about his experience and expertise in helping schools with Cubase.